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Dynamo Regulator Control Box (Lucas Type RB106)

£32.30 inc. VAT
12 volt Lucas 37182 Control Box / Voltage Regulator with 5 screw connections. Also known as…

Superior Condenser For Lucas 25D DCB101X

£10.20 inc. VAT
A top quality version of the Lucas DCB101. Much more reliable than the standard condenser. We…

Condenser For Lucas DVX6A DCB121 407044

£10.80 inc. VAT
Condenser to fit Lucas DVX6A, DVXH6A, DVX4A, D3A4. Lucas part number 407044 or DCB121

Contact Set For Lucas 25D4, 25D6 DSB101 54419946

£5.10 inc. VAT
Contact Set for Lucas 25D6, 25D6 and 22D6. Lucas part number 54419946 or DSB101

Condenser To Fit Lucas DK4,DK6 DCB120 400308

£10.80 inc. VAT
Condenser to fit Lucas DK4, DK6. Lucas part number 400308 or DCB120

45D4 Top Entry Distributor Cap DDB108 54427109

£7.37 inc. VAT
A top entry push in fitting distributor cap for Lucas 45D4 distributors. Lucas part number 54427109…

Rotor Arm To Fit Lucas 25D6, 22D6 DRB106 418726

£5.70 inc. VAT
Original style moulded rotor arm to fit Lucas 25D6, 22D6 etc. Lucas part number 418726 or…

DM2 (Early) Contact Set Lucas DSB115 420196

£15.60 inc. VAT
Contact set for early DM2 Distributors. Lucas DSB115 420196. For later refer to 423153.

Rotor Arm To Fit Lucas 25D4,DM2 DRB101 400051

£4.76 inc. VAT
Original moulded style rotor arm, 4cyl fits lucas 25D4 and DM2. Lucas part numbers 400051 DRB101…

Rotor arm for Lucas 45D4 DRB104 54422803

£4.76 inc. VAT
Rotor arm to fit all Lucas 45D4 distributors. Lucas part number 54422803 DRB104

Condenser To Fit Lucas 25D, DM2 DCB101 423871

£4.38 inc. VAT
Condenser to fit Lucas 25D4,25D6,22D6,DM6. Lucas part number 423871 or DCB101. Please note this is a…

Vacuum Unit Jaguar XK120 XK140 419066

£90.00 inc. VAT
Vacuum unit to fit Jaguar XK120 8:1 CR. and XK140 competition and special equipment spec. Fits…

Distributor Cap Push In Fitting 25D6 DDB117 54417212

£13.90 inc. VAT
Distributor cap top entry push in fitting for Lucas 25D6, 22D6. Triumph, Jaguar etc. Lucas part…

Distributor Cap for Lucas 35DLM8 DDB107 54402004

£23.94 inc. VAT
Original Lucas distributor cap as fitted to Rolls Royce, Rover V8 etc. Lucas part number 54402004…

Lucas L542 Type Rear Lamp

£65.76 inc. VAT
Reproduction of the Stop and Tail Lamp as fitted to AC Cobra and Ace, Jensen 541…
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