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Delco Rotor Arm DRB703

£13.70 inc. VAT
Rotor arm to suit Delco Distributors on Triumph GT6, Bentley Mk VI, R Type, Rolls-Royce Silver…

Delco 6 Cylinder Distributor Cap CD876PT

£113.26 inc. VAT
A quality reproduction of the distributor cap fitted to 6 cylinder Delco Remy distributors. This was…

Contact Set To Fit Early Lucas 25D4 & DM2 423153

£9.83 inc. VAT
Contact set for late DM2 and early 25D Distributors. Lucas 423153. For earlier DM2 refer to…

Rotor Arm To Fit Lucas 25D6, 22D6 407106 418731

£20.46 inc. VAT
Rotor arm to suit 25D6, 22D6, DM6 Distributors. Goes anti-clockwise when viewed from the bottom (Driven…

Lucas L539 Type Side/Flasher Lamp – Double Contact

£45.83 inc. VAT
This lamp has original genuine LUCAS lenses, which are pressed into the outer rim. The lamp…

Condenser for Lucas D2A4 54413006

£11.12 inc. VAT
A good reproduction of the Lucas 54413006 condenser that was used on the D2A4 distributor on…

Distributor Cap for Lucas 35DLM8 DDB107 54402004

£24.66 inc. VAT
Distributor cap to fit the 35D8 Lucas distributor, commonly used on pre SD1 Rover V8 applications…

DKY4A Distributor Cap DDB111 418888

£33.74 inc. VAT
Genuine original Lucas distributor cap to fit the DKY4A and D2A4 type distributors. This cap and…

25D4 Side Entry Distributor Cap DDB101 54412472

£9.88 inc. VAT
A popular side entry 4 cylinder distributor cap, which fits both DM2 and 23D & 25D…

Rotor Arm To Fit Lucas 35DLM8 DRB195 54401050

£19.03 inc. VAT
Rotor arm to fit Lucas 35DLM8 as fitted to Rover V8, Aston Martin, Morgan, TVR and…

Lucas Screenjet Electric Washer Bottle 2SJ

£254.50 inc. VAT
A reproduction of the Lucas 2SJ Screenjet electric washer bottle, This product is fully licensed and…

Delco Twin Contact Set Bentley MK V1

£104.92 inc. VAT
This is the Dual Point Set for the Delco Remy Distributor fitted to the Bentley/Rolls-Royce six…

Contact Set For Lucas 20D8 DSB110 54411772

£15.36 inc. VAT
Contact set for lucas 20D8 as fitted to Daimler V8, Rolls Royce and Bentley. 2 of…

Vacuum Unit Jaguar XK120 XK140 419066

£95.35 inc. VAT
Vacuum unit to fit Jaguar XK120 8:1 CR. and XK140 competition and special equipment spec. Fits…

Lucas Distributor Vacuum Blank For 25D and 22D 54413770

£37.02 inc. VAT
Vacuum blank for the Lucas 25D and 22D type distributors. Complete with nut , spring and…
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