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Lucas DB10 Flasher Lamp Relay 33117

£108.82 inc. VAT
Lucas 33117 or DB10 flasher lamp relay. To enable brake lights to be used as rear…

Vacuum Unit Jaguar V12 E-type 54422166

£93.96 inc. VAT
Vacuum retard unit to fit an early Jaguar V12 E-type. Fits to the Lucas 36DE12 41321…

Condenser For Lucas 20D8 DCB105 54411935

£18.77 inc. VAT
Condenser for Lucas 20D8 as fitted to Daimler V8, Rolls Royce and Bentley. Lucas 54411935 or…

Distributor Cap For Lucas DVXH6A 415708

£210.88 inc. VAT
A high quality reproduction 6-cylinder side entry Distributor Cap for Lucas DVX6 distributors, commonly found on…

Vacuum Unit Jaguar XK140 7:1 421710

£98.05 inc. VAT
Vacuum unit to fit Jaguar XK140 7:1 CR. Fits to the Lucas DVX6A style distributor 40435.…

Rotor Arm For Delco 8 Cylinder UD4716

£90.00 inc. VAT
Delco rotor arm for the 8 cylinder distributor in the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2 and…

Vacuum Unit Triumph TR3 & Morgan 54411480

£85.91 inc. VAT
Vacuum unit to fit Triumph TR3 and Morgan Plus Four. Fits to the Lucas DM2P4 style…

Vacuum Unit For Rolls Royce and Bentley 54415488

£99.60 inc. VAT
Vacuum unit to fit Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 3 and Bentley S3. Fits to the Lucas…

Distributor cap for 25D6 DDB116 54412474

£33.31 inc. VAT
A popular side entry 6 cylinder distributor cap, which fits both 22D and 25D 6 cylinder…

Vacuum Unit Jaguar XK150 3.4 7:1 424374

£85.91 inc. VAT
Vacuum unit to fit Jaguar XK150 3.4 7:1 CR. Fits to the Lucas DMBZ6A style distributor…

Distributor Cap To Fit Lucas DM6A DDB192 418857

£42.56 inc. VAT
Distributor cap to fit the DM6 and DMBZ6A Lucas distributor. This cap is Suitable for use…

Delco 8 Cylinder Distributor Cap RH2668

£102.00 inc. VAT
Delco distributor cap for Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2 and Bentley S. RR number RH2668

Rotor Arm To Fit Lucas 25D4,DM2 DRB105 400052

£7.42 inc. VAT
Rotor arm to suit 25D4, DM2P4 Distributors etc. Goes anti-clockwise when viewed from the bottom. (Driven…

SF4 Fuse Box for four Glass Type Fuses 54038067

£55.62 inc. VAT
Lucas SF4 type fuse box with cover (retained by screw) for four glass type fuses, 54038067.…

Lucas DK4YA and D2A4 Side Entry Distributor Cap 409635

£92.70 inc. VAT
Genuine original Lucas distributor cap to fit the DKY4A and D2A4 type distributors. The leads are…
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