We offer a rebuilding service for all points type distributors, we make sure all units are set to the exact manufacturers specifications, not just re-bushed and cleaned!

Send your distributor in for a free check and quote. It will be your own unit that we rebuild so that you maintain the originality of your car. If your unit is too far gone we will quote to replace it. All rebuilds will be fitted with new contacts and condensers but it is your choice whether you have a new rotor arm and cap. In the standard cost we will rebuild the vacuum unit that is fitted but you have the option of one of our new units, if available, at extra cost.

Every unit is guaranteed for a period of one year from date of invoice, the mileage you cover during this period is irrelevant, whether its 50 miles or 50,000 miles.

We will not carry out “half rebuilds” as we would not be able to offer a guarantee if we do not rebuild it to our standard. We do not sell any rebuild parts such as springs, weights and bushes.

We can also change the specification of your distributor. For example, if you have got a 3.4 MK2 Jaguar distributor and want it rebuilt but changed to 4.2 E-type spec. then that is fine.

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